Karen Aghamyan


Henry Igityan

For many years I've been dealing with children's works and I can say that it is quite seldom that one comes across "mature" intellectual work among them. It is quite evident that person's character is inherent and the works of four - five year old Karen Aghamyan are a good illustration of it. My impression is that he has never been a child and even in his green years had an adult mind, and at the age of nine he was awarded with a Silver Prize named after Dzhavakharlal Neru at the World Exhibition of Children's Works in Delhi....

Karen has carried this serious attitude towards life and earnestness through his childhood and adult life, became a professor, and since 1998 he has been in charge of the Artists Union of Armenia. I am not going to recount here all his regalia and positions he occupies as I consider them quite deserved. Accidental things are rare and here a creative personality has been climbing up the social ladder. This is not a career or political ladder which requires pliability, acting against one's principles and often even betrayal of friends.

In our troublous times few people have this sense of responsibility for one's country and society. Karen Aghamyan has this sense of responsibility and there is nothing false or insincere in it. He can carry his point and he is doing it with dignity. Karen Aghamyan belongs to intelligentsia. Academician Likhatchev was once asked to define this quality of a person and his answer was something like that: a talented actor may play any role, but if he does not  belong to intelligentsia he would not be able to perform it.

Karen Aghamyan's art is highly appreciated. Since childhood and up to our days, he has